Snow white update 3


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Another day Another sh*t load done,

All pipe work securely tied up. Fuel Gauge fitted into the dash. We put the car back on its wheels and moved it out side for a few checks. A quick check on the water oil levels and found all to be good after our run up last night again all good. The decision was made I was going to take it for a drive. As if fate was on our side it started to snow, only very light and short but ironic. As I took it out of the farm I got more confident and took it for about a 2 mile drive around the lanes and the only failure I had was a fuse blow on the fans, but it still didn't overheat. When I got back I got told of by Bob as he had just cleaned and I got it dirty again. I'm pleased to say that it drives lovely even if it does light the tires up in all 3 gears. OOPS

When I got it back it was another check over and put some anti-freeze in the coolant and replace the blown fuse. All were waiting on now for the MOT is the header caps hopefully they will be done tomorrow otherwise no MOT But I think we are there or there about.