sct data logging

saleen 192

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Anybody else been using sct datalogging? been having a few goes at this find it interesting still learning at the moment,




Just static ilde and holding rev's at the moment no power runs as cars on sorn ticket now until new season but this gives me time to get used to the software
I used something simular for tuning the trans-am. Most of the sensors will be alike. just the software will be slightly different.
Do you have a Wideband exhaust sensor? The usual ones in the exhuast tell if its rich or lean, but not by how much. The Wideband is great for getting spot on AF ratio for WOT runs. On N/A you may want to shoot for 12.5A/F and lean out to 13.1 are higher RPM's, on FI you want to go a tad richer.
Its great having the logging software, i used to go for a little blat up the motorway tweaking little bits at a time. You will find little things that are bugging, like my air intake temperature sensor is above the rad, this is fine when driving, but when you do a warm start the fueling is way off. Everything effects something else.