Reluctant Sale of Much Loved TransAm - Help Needed

TransAm Lover

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Unfortunately I am going to have to sell my much loved TransAm. Due to work commitments I am just not able to drive her as much as she should be driven and she deserves to be with someone who is going to be able to take her out to blow the cobwebs away.

However since I bought her 15 years ago I have lost track of her value and I wondered if anyone has any ideas of her worth? I have listed below some details and I have some photos if anyone wants to see her.

1989 Pontiac Firebird TransAm GTA
3rd Generation
5.7 V8 Auto
57,700 miles
Flame Red

Can anyone help? If you have nay questions please just ask. Any ideas or advice would be much appreciated.
I bet it will be sad to see it go. I followed my 89 Firebird for a mile or so in my Trans-Am after i sold it. First time they both been on the road together. It went to Slovenia, the chap drop it back to where he worked, took him 4.5days, he was of UK origin, just working on jet engines over there. Mine sold for ?3750, it was the 2.8V6, this was a few years back. Don't know what they would fetch now. There could be a few on eBay which you could watch to see what they go for. Good luck with the sale.