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Where can I get a rad for my colin, he has sprung a leak, must say though the water was ever such a pretty pink colour !!! I dont really want to mess about getting it repaired, rather have a new one. I need it pretty smartish though, thanks xxx
Hi Jan

There seems to be a lot on e-bay but not sure what year your colin is.

I'm sure Paul could track one down for you.
Try Rockauto Mum as they seem to have everything.
how impressed am I !!! direct from the states ?133 which includes the shipping and will be with me within 5 days, Rockauto x
hi jan , i have just got some parts for my van from rockauto , ordered on monday this week turned up today ( thursday ) great service .
Darn it, perhaps I should have gone there. :( I'm still waiting for my bits.
steve ordered bits for the van last sunday and they were here thurs, puts this country to shame x
Rock Auto's has always delivered our bits in under a week :punk: .. We have Been using them for service bits n pieces for nearly 3 years now :eek:hmy: They also send out discount codes and sometimes give free collector series fridge magnets with American cars on that have been built using they're parts
Thats the only reason Mum goes there is for the free magnets. Nothing to do with the parts being dispatched pretty pronto!!!
well i been using them for about the same time as mark always good service quick and cheap got my van parts sues mustang parts and even my explorer parts, and get my magnet every time,
I know cos they are all over your cooker hood!!!
Yay radiator arrived today, really happy now I can use my colin again, fed up keep getting in the wrong side of my dads corsa and hey presto no steering wheel, quick look around to see if anyone is watching, get out and then get in the other side, oh theres the steering wheel, actally I do love bombing around in little Connie, but not quite the same as my Colin lol xxx take care xx