Portsmouth 27th 28th M275 delays, do we know more?


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I passed a motorway sign the other day near the M275, it said that the weekend of 27th and 28th Nov expected delays on M275 due to Portsmouth Event.

I have searched the internet for an event in Portsmouth as was curiuos of what could cause delays for 2 days.

Does anyone know what it may be?
Hmmmm let me think a while....... I think it probably to do with the Victorian Christmas w/e at Portsmouth Dockyard
Yeah we were gonna head over to Gun Wharf last night but saw those signs earlier in the week and didn't bother however still don't know why.
Traffic seems normal to me ???
supposed to be the busiest shopping weekend too !
Glad i'm not there....otherwise i'd have one hell of a terrific headache !
:angry:you should have seen the traffic friday night two hour delays
didn't get back from picking the car up from m.o.t till six oclock
You are right Sal it is Portsmouth dockyard Victorian festival of Christmas. My friend is going today but i think i may stay well clear as also the busiest weekend shopping due to end of month etc!! Anyways after all them Southern Comforts last night i think its a duvet day for me!!!