Portchester Castle Gala


Club co ordinator
We have all been invited to attend this years annual gala event at Portchester Castle and also the procession.

It is Saturday 18th June and i am waiting for some further details such as times etc. I don't think there is a charge to attend but will advise that when i now.

Portchester Gala is a charity fund raising event that is held annually on the grounds of Portchester Castle, "the most impressive and best-preserved of the Roman 'Saxon Shore' forts". It is held during the summer and expects over 5,000 visitors every year. The event includes food and craft stalls, a fun fair, inflatables, dancing displays, falconry and many more events that should keep the family occupied all day.

The 2010 Gala was a tremendous success, thanks to everyone's involvement and that of many volunteers who helped on the day. The event also received welcomed financial support from a local benefactor and a grant from Fareham Borough Council. This support has confirmed the Gala's popularity and ensured financial viability, with the trustees of Portchester Community Association (PCA)* agreeing to undertake further management of the Gala to ensure its future.

Now to...Portchester Gala 2011 which promises to be bigger than ever. Come and enjoy the Gala in the main grounds with its stalls, sideshows and activities. We hope you will join in and have a float, take part in the procession, run a stall, provide an arena event or why not take part as a competitor or exhibitor.

Stay tuned for further info................
day before beulie so not sure at the mo but might be possible. as you say watch this space??
And?? Us hard core show goers do em all haha!!! Only joking Darren.

I know what its like this time of year trying to get them all in. Thats a full weekend as its Fathers Day on the Sunday too as well as our Southsea Cruise on the Sunday evening.
I had this email from the organisers of Portchester:-
I am organising this years Portchester Gala which will be held on the 18th June at the former Roman Fort Portchester Castle where we will be expecting over 5,000 visitors. I would like to ask if there were any Classic Cars interested in attending this year, and/or taking part in the procession. If this is something that may be of interest to you then please do not hesitate to get in touch.
I asked if all of our club cars/day vans are welcome which we got this reply:-
We have room for about 50 cars/vans, but all are welcome in the procession. There isnt really a category so a variety would be great.
I got this email from Gina the event organiser:-

The Gala starts at 10:30am so if you could get the vehicles into the Castle well before then unless you wish to be part of the procession which leaves the Community Centre at 11:30am and makes its way down Westlands Grove, White Hart Lane and Castle Street towards the Castle where you will enter the Gate and park up in the designated spot. You will need to be at the Community Centre by 10:30am for briefing. That would be great if you could mention it on Tuesday, the more the merrier. Inside the Castle we have room for about 40-50cars but more are welcome to take part in the procession.

Will discuss tonight at club meet and get numbers on who would like to attend.
Sounds like a good idea. I havn't been to this in a long long time. Well not in this car, had my old 3rd Gen back then.


Thanks for finding out the times Tracey. I'm not sure where the community center is, but I'm sure we can find it.
any more news on this event?
Meet up Portsdown Hill (Micks burger van) at 9 to leave at 9.15 prompt.............................and if its raining I aint going lol xxxxx
My car's to good to be stuck in a field with Hitler's People's Car ;)

Bloody Beetles, can't stand 'em :p

Am I being a bit blonde here, please tell me if I am, which I am sure you will, but what has the beetles and hitler got to do with a perfectly innocent carnival and fun day out in Portchester. Cant see the connection, and me blonde comes out of a bottle, lol xxx
think darren is getting mixed up on shows a lil
Oh right, so Im not going mad then, thats good, what vw show ??? lol xx
tracey was having a pop at me as my name is daren and the other darren has the nova,
Hmm glad you all sorted that out amongst yourselves while i was away!!! The VW show mum is the beachbuggin show which is on a different thread.