Pontiac Trans-Am Smokey & The Bandit Snowflake alloys for sale!

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These 4 wheels were on my third generation Firebird when I bought it. But they are not the right wheels for my model of Firebird, so I have bought more suitable wheels and these are up for sale. If you have a second generation Firebird or Trans-Am and want to turn it into a Smokey And the Bandit car, these are the wheels to have.
The paint has flaked off in quite a few places, so they could do with being sanded / blasted and re-painted. But there are no major dings to these rims.
All tyres are good with plenty of tread, but the Cooper Cobra logos and tyre walls could do with a freshen up.
The chrome wheel nuts have some surface rust and you will need an extra nut, or locking nut for each wheel, as I was never supplied the locking nut with the car, so had to remove them without, which has damaged the locking nuts (but the wheels were not damaged).
I have put as much information as I can think of, but please contact me with any questions.
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Just for the record, I can highly recommend putting items on here, as my wheels and Joe's bike both sold in a short time. A very nice guy came down from the Oxford area to buy the wheels. He has a lovely 2nd Gen Firebird which he showed me a picture of. He says he will try and come down to some of our events in the Summer!! Brill!
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