New Member here Recommended to the club

Good Morning all,

My name is Jamie, I am 22, I Live in Cowplain, I have loved anything with wheels that is American since visiting back in 89, I was only 2 but I remember :yes:,

I was recommended to your club by ?Minimanmark? after having a good chat with him on Saturday whilst admiring his Firebird,

I had hoped to come up to Fort Nelson on Sunday, and had every intention of it until popping home to grab my wallet about 11:30, I had been given an inspection lamp by a friend so I decided to put a big 150W bulb in it to see if it worked, was a bit tough to get in so I pushed and turned harder than I should of and tried to get this bulb in then ?BANG? Bulb smashed/shattered, My hand carried on pushing and turning and I ended up with Deep Cut?s to fingers and hand, and a QA A&E Visit For 4 hours  not the Sunday I had planned,

At the moment my dad and I currently own a 1979 Mini GT Clubman Convertible, And also two 1940?s Morris Eight Series E?s which are down my driveway and projects to be finished, all though at this very moment I have a lot going on with other cars and house DIY etc, I thought I would join and get on the scene,

After a lifetime dream of owning a Yank, why not start it now getting to know the people that do :yes:

Jamie :yes:

And thanks again for the recommend Mark.
Welcome Jamie. This place is for classics and yanks, and in my mind you can't get any more classic than a mini, one of the best cars ever made, and I will get mine back on the road one day. They're a friendly bunch here, I'm still really new, but everyone is welcoming... just a lot of names to remember.
Hi Ya and welcome to the club.
where about in Cowplain? I'm in Kite close off of Eagle Avenue with a Red Trans-Am, you may have heard it about. Nigel lives just down the road with an older car which I just cant recall what it is may be a Plymouth, or a Chevy Nova. So there is a couple about in your local area. Will lives in Waterlooville with his 3rd Gen Firebird.

And thank you both for welcome :) What mini do you have Darren? i am in P&SMOC club for Mini's, you may have heard of them?

Hey Dan, Cheers for welcome as well, i have certainly seen it about i am sure if i remember, Very nice :) I live down by the Padnell School's :)
hi and Welcome
Thanks Mason and Funbus again :)

Who managed to get to Fort Nelson sunday, What did i miss ? was it a good day ?
I was there. Was probably 100 cars there. I came 3rd in the loudest car competition, beaten by a couple of dragsters.

Was a good day. Shame about the weather, more would have come out to play. I enjoyed it though.
I was there, well spent from 8 till 1 stood in the road directing cars, which was fun then went inside marshalling and generally helping visitors etc!
Well done Dan, congrats :) 100 car's sounds a good turn out,

Really wish i could have come up instead of spending it at QA Hospital,

I Didn't miss any Semi Trucks did I ? Please tell me i didn't :)
Well, there is an Iveco van with a 5th wheel, and twin exhaust up the back of the cab. Looks pretty nice.
Hey Jamie :welcome:

There is only one name you need to remember and thats mine haha!! I am Trace and my hubby is 'H'. You will get to know us all eventually and the more you hang around with us rowdy lot the better!!! Why not come along to our club meets that are held at The Farmhouse off Eastern Road every other Tuesday the next one being 31st Aug starting around 7ish. You can then put our real names and faces to our forum names. You will find there are the regulars that come on here but also a lot of regulars that go to meets etc that don't. You will see us all eventually.

Hope to see you soon :cheer2:
Just to confuse you a little more I am Traceys mum Jan, and steve is her dad. We have been in the Rens for quite some time, about 9 years I think, friendly lot, that somehow always end up at my house after shows lol !!!!!!! Hence the title Mummy jan, welcome to the madhouse !!!
Hey Tracy,

Thanks for welcome message, The first club meet when some one is new is all ways fun, because mostly it is on a forum name basis haha, All ways find it amusing 

Yeah think I will pop along to a meet sometime soon, I like the forums but meeting people in person is always good.

Thanks again,

Jamie P.s. like your signature picture alot.
Hello as well Jan :)

And thanks for the welcome too, so it was cuppa's all round at your house on sunday then hey :laugh:
Not just cuppas hun, chineses as well, and some of them (12) were round Saturday for stew and dumplings lol xx