New Colours


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Spent all day trying to get the forum simular colours to the main website. The forum is designed to be a white background and dark text, managed to win in the end changing colours to darker background and light text. There was a style template I downloaded to get me going which needed teaking to get the top logo and menu etc...

What does everyone think of the new colours? May take a little while to get used to. The other colours are available from the drop down box at the bottom left of this page.

We can do a poll on this (just trying out the poll feature again).
How many people like the new colours?
No, I prefer the original colour for the forum. I don't think it maters that the forum is different from the rest of the site.
No worries. I quite like the blue myself, however I have kept the original colours too. Light text and dark background isn't too easy on the eyes. We can choose other colours too.

Down at the bottom left of the screen is a drop down box. You can choose Dark Text-Light Background. So we have an alternative. :)