New 2010 Camaro 2SS



Hi guys,

Was great meeting some of you at club night here are some phots in daylight of the new beast.

There will be mods along the way son will keep you posted as they happen.






That looks very nice indeed, hopefully see it for real soon. Probably the first one in our area.
that a Lovey car
It is a very nice car. Got the muscle car shape, and the interior dials reminds me of a 70's Camaro. They have done a good job bringing the Camaro back to life.
Great to have one local, and even better to have the first Camaro 2010 in the club.
I luv this car and loved sitting in it more!!! Thanks for bringing it along Phil and hopefully see you again soon. Great pics by the way x
Phil popped round today we had some fun trying out a couple of lghts on his car.Its certainly generating a lot of interest in the states.


More pics and videos:-

Thanks again Phil. was good to see you, and we know full production of these can now go ahead. :cool2:
OK I want some of those on my van! When can you do it!!!!! PM me.
I have these going on my mustang at the weekend Chris, they are amazing, take care xx
Ok guess who got flashy green lights put on at the weekend? Spoilt bugger!!! However i must admit Colin looks rather good all blinged up now!!! Well done Dad xx
Does this mean the rengades could be classed as "Flashers"? But hey, I cant talk.
I love my flashy lights, also have them in the side grills and under the bonnet and on the side of the bonnet grills, so yes I guess you could call me a flasher lol take care xx:clover:
Costview .... light show .... lots of great friends and some beer comes to mind.

Drive safe!
I've got a lighter!! Does that count if i hang it out Bazza's window??:biggrin:
Hmmmmmm .... Lighta ..... Flasha ..... Bazza ..... Trace & H ...... sounds like a great combination or some sort of code!

Drive safe.
Well we don't want to be left out ya know!!!