Mustang gt 5.0 v8 94 plate HO


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94 v8 gt (ho)
I have decided to sell on my jap spec gt. I have only owned it for 3 months and have hardly used it also I am after something a bit more tuneable. It was imported from Japan in 2000 and I am the second owner since then.

Body work seems solid and it has mot till may, there is a large tear in the drivers seat but it is still comfey enough, also the check engine light is on but I think it is just due a service. The car pulls like a train and the auto box seems fine ( kick down and overdrive work) electric seat works as does the pneumatic lumbar support.

There is also a private plate included in the sale J** MUS.

Offers around the 3.2 k..
What sort of tunable car are you looking for? The 99LS1 and newer are great for tunability, so a camaro, trans am or vette software is about $700 which allows you remap one year of LS1. I have a 2000 tran am, which means I can't remap a 2001 with the current licence. Although you can datalog any LS1. The LS1 incase you Havnt heard of it is a 5.7l gm engine, the LS2 is 6.0l same ecu, different oil pressure sender.
Good luck in selling the mustang, you should get many takers on that.
I'm looking more for something carbed. Efi seems a ball ache to play with. But at the same time I really want a camaro or firebird.