Muddeford Quay Christchurch.


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Just got this email in.


Please could you inform your members in the Dorset/Hampshire area of the monthly classic, American and hot rod car meet at Mudeford quay in Christchurch, Dorset. Its on every 2nd Sunday of the month right through the year and as its a casual meet theres no booking in advance, just turn up on the day from 2pm onwards.

More details and directions to the quay are available at

The next two meets are on the 14th November and 12th December and any mention in your club magazine or websites forthcoming event list would be most appreciated.


Mudeford Meet
May be worth popping down there to take a look. :w00t:
This sounds like a good afternoon out. Maybe we can get a group together for perhaps one of the dates listed.
im up for this but im on holiday from today and not back till next weekend so can somebody
please let me know when and if we are doing this as aclub
many thank C.B
Don't worry Bob you won't be left out
I'm up for it too.
Ok well i reckon we should do the 12th December one as we have bowling 13th Nov and i know its not til the afternoon but gives us something to do on a different weekend. What do you think?
Hi Renegades

This sounds like a great afternoon out and something different, we can discuss the most suitable date at club nite and see what everyone thinks, so bring your diaries.

Cheers Superb!
Shall we arrange a meeting place? say perhaps gather together at the services on M27, J2. around 1pm, its only a 30mins drive from there.
Is that what we all know as Rownhams or is it a bit further along? Sounds like a good idea Dan
BTW Dan i just noticed something. Is your name blurry or is it my eyes ?? :eeek:
lol, Yes Rownhams. I was trying to think of the name of that place. I knew how to get to it, and where it was, was racking my brains trying to think of the name.

BTW Dan i just noticed something. Is your name blurry or is it my eyes ?? :eeek:

Yes it is blurry. I was tinkering with the 'Market' section at the top, where the more you post, the more points you get, with the point you can do little things like changing the colour of your name. I installed it last week, just to see what it was like, but not really told anyone about it yet. Feel free to pop in there and take a look.
I would prefer the one in December as i said above but whatever the majority decides
I may do both. Even if others dont come in November I can see what its like and let them know there will be more next month.
Looking on google earth, it is surrounded by water apart from the road. So wear your thermals.
I've been there once when I was younger and it was cold and grey (that was in the summer). Watch out for the crabs too.