misfiring caddy

matt 103

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hi guys

the infamous caddy is poorly again . shes misfiring have changed the ignition leads and have some new plugs comin . any other ideas please
I'd say check the dizzy cap, rotor, plugs, HT leads.

Was the misfire there before the new leads were fitted? If so, did it only appear after you fitted the air filter? If so, it would be worth checking the fuel filter and running some redex to clean the injectors. It could be that the system just needs to adjust to running with a filter as all of a sudden the mixture will have become much richer as the air flow will have been restricted when the air filter was fitted. It could just need a tune-up.

I found this which may help:


your car elctrician mate might be able to find a fault code in the ecu which you can match to one of these
http://www.franken-us-buddys.de/index-Dateien/images/Tech/GM-Error Codes.pdf
no she was misfirin so i brought new leads and airfilter only arrived today . have plugs comin hopefully that wil do the trick
cool cheers . will whip it off tomoro
have changed the plug which seems to have done the trick
certainly thanks for your help m8
So we gonna be seeing you tomorrow then?
not sure yet mum just got home from scotland and up for dinner