Midhurst Auto Jumble 11/03/2012


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Good Evening Happy Campers.

As was mentioned at the last club meet I will be running a stall at the above event. As an attempt to help raise the cash to pay the LL Club their more than reasonable rates for the stall I have decided to include a 'For Sale' board where anyone off here can place an ad of any vehicles/items/skills? they wish to advertise in return for a small donation (50p or so?) towards costs. Adverts on a postcard size, I will bring some cards with me to next club night if anyone is interested. Also if you are coming along to the Auto jumble, feel free to put something on the stall as it doesn't look like I will have as much as I was hoping.
Anyone who fancies a break from Chi College this weekend, come up and see me at Midhurst Auto Jumble, I have a large stall mainly filled with In-car Audio equipment, I may just have what you need for your current or future vehicle.
WHen where is this in midhurst?
:( oh well at least the sun was shining. It could have been worse, it could have poured with rain like last Sunday!!!
dont think it woulda made any diff trace :preggers: as it was indoors ,,,, but me n sal popped over to see him,,,,, managed to find some bits for monty, then we had a ride out all pm around the hills and went to petworth park,,, nice day all round,
My little nephew was well happy to see the truck yesterday. Just kept on bout wanting his steering wheel back!! lol.