Manhood classic car enthusiasts (Selsey)


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I received this email the other day. Perhaps one to visit.
We are a newly formed group holding meetings on the third Sunday of each month either at East Beach car Park, Selsey or Sidlesham football Club. I understand we missed your group cruise last Sunday afternoon who called at the east beach, unfortunately we were not sure that you were coming and we had planned to go from midday to Midhurst LL auto jumble. I attach flyer for our next meeting at Sidlesham Football Club on 16th January are thereafter 20th February 2011.
Our group average around 30 enthusiasts. we have good facilities at Sidlesham and would be very pleased if any of your group fancied coming along, from 10am usually for 2 or 3 hours.
I am Les Payne telephone 01243 6905090 or email

Dates for next meetings​
All to be held at
Sidlesham Football Club
Wednesday 5th January 2011 7.30pm
Sunday 16th January 2011 10am
Car Show inc. Some table top auto jumble
Wednesday 2nd February 2011 7.30pm
Sunday 20th February 2011 10am
Car Show inc. Some table top auto jumble
Indoor facilities
Refreshments available
Contacts Mick 607235 or Les 605090
Im not sure but I think Pete and Sues back garden backs onto the football club, should be good xx
Looks like they all fall on the same day as our brekkie runs (Sundays) so perhaps for January we could go to the Riviera at Selsey then let Les know that we will be popping along to him on the way out. Then all over the field to Pete & Sue's for tea haha!!!!!!
yep count me in . mummy jan u are right pete and sues house does back on it sidlesham football ground