Jbl sub's and boxs


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i have 2x Jbl 1000watts subs and boxs cost me about ?130+ new use a few times

saleing as i need the room and got a new set on my b-day from my mum:)


What size are the subs in inches? are the 12's?
10'' haha for got to add that :D
I gotta ask the question, why did ya Mum get you another set when you already had these? what's wrong with them??:D:D:D
not a thingwrong with them as my car had factory audio im geting all new stuff and the new box has an amp made in it
ill have em 45 is ok need some for pon tiac as got 3x 15" in van so no more room in there lol catch up on here or club nite
if all go's well with the car il be poping up the next club nite
?20 for the both if picked up
If you are both at the Farmhouse on Easter Monday which i know you are Geoff then that would make life a little easier for all perhaps.