Its that dreaded time of year


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Yep its that horrible time in the year for the wife's Camaro's MOT tomorrow and service.. It was a deal we made while my caddy was having its gearbox rebuilt and I was using the camaro(She dont like me driving her cars regularly:whistling:) to get to work.(The deal was I had to service it when I had finished using it) So have dropped it off at my trusted garage this evening(should have had it done a month or so ago:whistling:) that does all our motors with a list of things that will need doing before the MOT.

The List of stuff I know needs doing...

Service.... Well change oil + filter,
Check all fluid levels including the differential oil,Transmission,Etc,Etc
Clean out air filter (It's a K&N so dont need changing just cleaning)
Give the radiator a flush (Has the horrible brown sludge stuff around the cap area)
Put 2 new Power steering pipes on (supplied by me)
New fuel filter (supplied by me)
Un-seize the brake/brakes that are Binding
Then MoT it
Any major issues(the expensive sort of ones) to call me first... anything else for mot Like Bulb's,wipers,Etc Etc just do them.So fingers crossed Or the Wife's going to kill me LOL
hi well its nice to go to someone you always used but have you tried pauls-place we do all service mots and repairs and no american cars inside out, im sure we can do a good price to, if you look up speak to paul or pete, but good luck with your car,

crazy pete
Cheers I Might give that some serious thought as it was a bit of a shocker this time around and I have quite a bit to get sorted on it I will post a list of all the advisories some quite tricky and some not so tricky :)
Oh dear that sounds grim hun. To be honest I think Paul or Pete are your men. I wouldnt trust no one else with my colin (Mustang) and they make a mean cup of coffee too !! good luck x
Work done + MOT
Replaced Power steering pipe(supplied buy customer)
Replaced hose clip on other PAS pipe
Flushed coolant and refilled with fresh antifreeze
replaced both front side light bulbs
Replaced nearside main beam bulb+carried out repair to holder
Replaced nearside front steering rack gaiter
Change Oil and filter
The list of advisories are
Nearside front main beam headlight slightly loose
Front anti-roll bar drop link bushes slightly worn
Front brake discs in slight poor condition
Various oil leaks from engine+Gearbox
Exhaust clamps in poor condition
Rear pads worn low approx 25% left
Rear shock absorber bushes deteriorating
Rear anti-roll bar centre bushes slightly worn
Rear anti-roll bar drop link bushes slightly worn
Both rear bump stops Deteriorating
Both front lower arm rear bushes Deteriorating
So as said it was a OMG moment

And to just add more hassle I think the brakes are giving up on the caddy as it making some strange noises and not just when I brake..Ya got to love cars lol :)
They're only advisories ;)
best geting mot's done by ppl that dont do repairs
I only go to my local garage as he is trustworthy and

1) I can pay big bills weekly as I have been going there for years and am a trusted customer :)
2) If I have problems he will try and usually manages to fit me in at very short notice ;) would have to explain that one in person as to complicated to type lol
3)He is the best local MOT person in my area and wont fail it on stupid stuff like wiper blades split( as he knows i will sort them pretty dam quick, stone chips Etc Etc...

A friend went to one place and they failed her car as it had a air freshener hanging of the rear view mirror and a side light bulb not working Not nothing dangerous in my opinion, and then they charged her a full retest fee after they had done the work required WTF..
I had a 10 inch crack in my windscreen going along the bottom of the screen, about 1 inch from the bottom, it was above the wiper blade, and passed. The reason being is that it was not in the drivers view as the bulges in the bonnet are higher than the crack in the screen from the driving position. I did replace the screen soon after anyway as the crack was growing every time I accelerated. Believe it or not. I called Autoglass and expected them to say they don't do a windscreen for my car and would be a special order, they actually said "we have two variations, would you like blue tine or green tint along the top, and they are in stock in Chichester" I was totally amazed.

My MOT is due in April, so fingers crossed it goes though.
Have you got the parts for your diff yet?

Sadly no, it was 4 weeks last Tuesday. I did get a customs letter in the post, but I found its only one of my LED lights. I got all excited thinking its one of the boxes of parts.:crying:
well advisory is only just that, they cant fail they just have to cover there back in case something happens when it leaves the workshop, noise from rear brakes could be pads? leave to long will be discs as well, cheap to repair, pauls-place does mot,s and any work that is needed prob with garages that dont know american cars they guess a lot of the time, or double the price, we are open sat morn if ya fancy a coffee and a chat, or any info, as darren sid exhaust brackets are not an mot item and bushes and rubbers can deteriate from day one and last years, i still have an original one on my 57 pontiac ok its a bit fluffy on the edge but still pass an mot,

crazy pete