Independance Day Show & Shine


Club co ordinator

Who is up for this?
Yep me and Sarah going, she has already booked the day off for it.
You beat me to it Dan :p But yeah, I've definitely got that day off work lol, so you'll be seeing us there.
You make sure you keep checking but with a bit of luck you will have a new job by then
yeah sounds good we'll come
Haha, well it's on the calender with all holidays and bits on so there won't be a problem. But still, you never know lol! Fingers crossed I'll have another job by then. Ideally one that's Waterlooville way as I'll be at college up there so will make sence :)
Plus one more possible depends what happends
Hi Tina yes you can just turn up. No booking required. Should be a nice drive out there as long as the weather stays nice.
So do we know anymore on numbers?? I can pass them onto Denise then. Don't forget you get a free burger when you drive in and you're in a yank ;) lol.
Free burger has done it for me. I wont be missing out on that one :)
Where are the weeks going? I thought we would have a good couple of weeks at least. Still not sure yet on this one but will know nearer the time. PLus the weather will have a big say in it!!
I know, time is flying....must be going warp speed for you now Kaan is here x
it certainly is hun. Can't believe he is 3 months on Saturday :)
No way?? 3 months!!??! He'll be a teenager before you know it!
it certainly is hun. Can't believe he is 3 months on Saturday :)
3months plus 9months, will make him a year old since.... well...
wat time we meetin for this