Ice bad today.


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Hi ya all, the ice was pretty bad today, hope every one got to and from where they needed to go without ay damage to either ourselves or cars.

I was going to work from home today, decided to brave it, the road to the house was like a sheet of ice, you couldn't walk on it. I took a chance and got to work okay, however other cars up the street took rubbish bins with them or took out other cars, its was mayhem.

Fingers crossed for better weather tommorow. Hope its not this bad on Boxing day.
i had to brave it 1 day all the cars was drivin 10mph as it was so slipy i was hopeing no one was going to hit my car as ppl love to drive in to my car grrrr all well got home its going to suck on Boxing day if its like this
Have been keeping an eye on it and the weather forecast for Boxing Day says relatively mild (9C) and sunny spells with a chance of a shower. So should be OK.

According to the forum, it's only me and Droopy from the Renegades going to Wickham. Anybody else?
I should be there, if I'm allowed out to play.
Aw Dan have you been a naughty boy? Santa won't bring you anything if you haven't!!!
Nope not been naughty, but someone isn't too happy about me going out to car club events, so trying to keep a happy medium where i miss some and attend others. :O)
I did a brilliant handbrake turn yesterday which is really good cause me handbrake dont work !!! xx
Thats very thoughtful of you Dan, and when you are at home keeping the piece what do you do ???? .......................sort out the rens website bless ya likkle heart xx
OK Dan. Be nice to see you at Wickham, but no worries if not mate, I know exactly how it is...same here ! lol

Nice one re-the handbrake turn Jan ! Excellent!

Merry Christmas everyone!