How many cars can someone


Purchase with duff diffs............................................................. well with me its three, not possible I hear you say, I fully agree with you I say, but yes numpty here did just that!! The first was a VW Touareg, VW's answer to a decent size 4X4 It was a marmite car, used the same platform and many other parts identical to the Audi Q7 and Porsche Cayenne, you either loved it or hated it, mine had the 2.5 Diesel with gear drive to everything, no belts here, or anywhere on the car!! Impressive on paper, a right can of worms in practical use, I passed onto quite briefly to a Citroen C Crosser, aka a Mitsubishi Outlander, or Peugeot 407, wrote that off when I found a very large bollard in a hedge, on the whole it wasn't too bad, but very clunky. I went through a worrying time, we were buying a house and having many problems, after what I had been putting a brave face on for so long, with health problems came to a head and I went doolally as my father would of said, Full on nervous breakdown, many months went past, no transport, bought THE JEEP, on a whim, well what I had bought was a money pit, someone before me had spent a lot of money on it and given up, I took the view that there was not a lot more to do or go wrong, well I was delusional, if people look back at what the story was, as its quite well documented here, I too spent a fortune, and replaced no more than three rear diffs, before we found one that was ok, Jeep sold, new owner is very happy, so far he has had to sort a flat battery due to leaving his lights on, PRAT !!! LOL

Enter the BMW X5 3.0 Diesel, some of the story is told here on the forum but to bring everyone up to date, well those that have stayed awake to read this far !! Full service at my favourite old school garage, I had a list of what I wanted checking, they gave me a longer list after checking the car through, isn't that the way? Replaced the N/S/F wheel bearing as that was so obviously shot it was deafening, done the rest, squirmed at the bill, got car back, went off on a week break, took the wife to Blackpool, and toured North Wales, a bearing noise was becoming more prominent the further we went, myself and the garage peeps were not sure where the noise was coming from, logic interviened, we replaced the O/S/F as it had obviously done as many miles as the previous shot N/S, nope nise still there, drain oil from front diff as a wild card, bugger, full of fine metal swarf, ask garage nicely if they would remove front diff, as its bolted to the sump with the O/S drive shaft going through the sump, German engineering for you!!! Take yet another diff to Solent Gearboxes, extract more money, swap for good diff, all back together, and its finally quiet, BUT here comes the BUT we all think the first replaced bearing on the N/S is making a slight noise........................................................................................... It was a firstline bearing, currently trying to find out if they are sourcing their bearings from China.

We now have a car, it has some little problems, but these can be lived with until better weather and i've fully recovered from a Perforated Bowel that happened in June, or was it July, anyhow, life goes on, and I get to bore you with my transport woes, may even pop down to a Port Solent gathering to have a nose round.


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You are one unlucky dude!
I have to be honest, I would not have sold the jeep. You spent the money and the new owner gets the benefit. But having done so you certainly deserved some luck and you didn’t get it. Very unfortunate.
Hold onto the beemer, your invested now and you deserve to reap the benefits.


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Wow that's some bad luck.

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agree with A/T (thats rare lol) you should of kept the jeep, but you got a BMW new ventures as they say


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Wow! Sorry to hear of your car woes, you have been quite unlikely with them. I had a Grand Cherokee 3.0 CRD. It wasn't exactly a money pit but was awful on fuel for a diesel and had a few grumbling issues. It wasn't as good a car as I thought they were so I was glad to see the back of it. Maybe mine was a bad one, but that's two of us! lol.
Glad to hear you've sorted the X5 and touch wood it stays that way for you. I wish you the best of health too.
Hope you're able to get to Port Solent. It's always an interesting gathering.