Hello you lot!


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UKKen is pleased to return to the Solent Renegades fold.

I still have a Chrysler Crossfire...sold the Coupe and now have a Black Roadster.

Looking forward to attending meets and touching base with friends old and new.

Love the lay out of the new web site..looks much easier to use.

Hi Ken, good to hear from you again. Will be great to catch up. Havnt seen you in ages. We're not at the Rugby club any more, just a little further down the eastern road at the Farmhouse, its near a golf club.
Hey Ken i was wondering if it was you. Where you been? Lots has happened and we have lots of new friends now too. Come along some time and say hello. Be good to see you :)
Yay !!! my drinking partner is back, how is Jane !! really good to hear from you Ken, hope you are both well and really looking forward to seeing you both again, might even make you some mince pies lol xxxxxx
Hi Trace..Yes its been a while and looking forward to touching base soon, like Sunday for the New forest meet.

See you there.

ken x
Hi Jan and family team......Think I have you're name correct this time!! Not only have I missed you're well laced minced pies and bonfire nights..I've also missed the verious meets and yummy breakfast runs.

Been spending my free weekend time for a while now with the growing UK Xfire group...check out www.ukcrossfires.co.uk for info. Chat more when we next meet...I'm up for this Sunday new forest meet.


Ken x