Heading bar looks a bit bare, how about some cars...


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Goodmorning all.

At the top of the page, we have our logo on the left, but on the right hand side its bare, it would be nice to fill in this blank space.
The space is 520pixels wide. Although on your computer the space looks wider than 520pixels, we have to cater for smaller screen, and stretchability of the internet explorer screen. This takes it to under the letting of 'Welcome'(if you are logged in) right across to the right hand edge.

So who wants to draw an image to go in this space?, perhaps some of our club cars coming out of the screen.
The background colour is :- #22227E
Size:- 520 x 145 pixels
Any limits on file formats or file sizes?
No, you can do GIF, or PNG as you can use transparency so you don't have to get the background colour spot on. however an antialising should be done to a similar dark blue colour.
JPEG will work, but doesn't include transparency, so the blue colour may not be spot on thus creating a step around it, looking like the image has been stuck on.

No limit on size, just pixel size. So True colour 32 bit or 24 will be fine. Obviously GIF has its limit of 256.