Had day van Serviced today


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Well I dropped her of at Autodans this morning and picked it up this afternoon
Well Its all good apart from the wipers :( (motor has seized which is causing a overload which in turn made smoke at the switch ) Need to get a new one (US automotive not got in stock So will order from RA

Oh and rear brake's need new Cylinders (on order from Us automotive ) Be with me tomorrow

The Service Report
All parts supplied by me from RA ( Apart from oil and antifreeze )
Oil + Filter changed (Old oil was Black as)
Air filter was solid (changed)
Plugs (Mmmmm)
Leads (1 Lead was nearly broken )
Distributer Cap (Old one Was minging in side as was the rotor arm) Runs a lot better now :burnout:
Drained and flushed cooling system ( Old stuff looked like brown mud) Nice and red now
Electrical check under dash all ok

Slight play in both front wheel bearings
Front anti roll bar drop link bushes Perished
Front exhaust joint slightly corroded
middle silencer of exhaust in poor condition + minor leaks of gasses
power steering pump has slight leak
Rear brake shoes in poor condition
Both rear wheel cylinders Slightly leaking

So all in all not as bad as I was starting to think :clap::clap:
not too bad at all, glad the fire hazard is sorted :thumbup1:
Hopefully will have the wiper motor sorted tomorrow as a member on astrosafari forum might have one spare and hes near Chichester :clap: So Hopefully my boss will let me pop over tomorrow :whistling: