Goodwood Breakfast Club - April


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Goodwood Breakfast Club - Everything But The Car
Bikes, trucks, tractors, vans, aircraft..., anything with an engine except a regular passenger car - nothing is too bizarre, and very apt for April Fool?s Day!
Meeting at the little Chef A27, leaving there at 8.30am to cruise onto Goodwood.
8AM - 12PM
Goodwood Motor Circuit

How did it go today at goodwood? was it a good turnout? good weather for it.
yea wasnt bad turn out . was bout six vans pauls hummer and a pick up . lovely weather shame bout four quid bacon roll
That was a pretty good tun out then. I should be along to the next one.
Was a good morning, that extended into a good afternoon on Hayling!
Was also the first run that Clarissa and Jamie came on, and they both can't wait for 15th for Season Opener...