FOR SALE - '86 Z51 TPI 5.7L V8 Corvette - FOR SALE!!! Superb rare Z51!! ?5000 ovno


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Here we are I'm afraid I am selling my beloved 1986 Z51 Vette due to downsizing and fulfilling other dreams. Shes a real stunner! Here's the info:

- 1986 Z51 'performance model' Corvette

- 5.7L V8 Tuned Port Injection engine


- Automatic*

- mileage 90,000 ~

- Re-stayed bright red last year so paintwork in near pristine condition!

- Black glass removable roof (fits in the back nicely)

- Z51 Alloys in fine condition

- All exterior in pretty much perfect condition*

- Interior is black leather and carbon fibre*

- New Philips head unit with mp3/iPod playing and charging capability

- Edge side speakers

- Rubbish door carpets replaced with black leather style vinyl*

- New Corvette black leather racing seats put in by previous owner (the * * * * comfiest bucket seats you'll ever sit in!!)

- all interior carpeting replaced last year

- Dash and centre console covered in carbon fibre

- Dash electronics all work fine and dim/brighten when meant to

- 160 performance thermostat fitted

- Knock sensor and wiring all recently replaced

- Manifolds and downpipes heat wrapped

- All recently new plugs, filters, oils, wiper blades etc

- Open front air filter to allow free flow in the intake

- The exhaust system was made into a true dual a while back, de-catted and de-muffled! And I have had new connection pipes and KBD quad chrome tail pipes added so she sounds like an absolute beast now!!! Must be heard to be believed!!*

The previous owner spent thousands on the car! I have tonnes of receipts of bills adding to about ?3500 on the engine, new gear box, a lot of head gasket work, bores taken off and skimmed etc!

She really has been loved and has a lot of money put into her!
She runs perfectly and the only issue I have had was a knock sensor code so replaced the sensor and wiring.*

The car runs sweet and still has many many miles left in her! Even after all the mods I'm still getting about 20+ mpg round town and around 30 mpg on the run to and from work! Even hit around 35/36 when stuck behind a slow car!!

I have some spares to go with the car, distributor, O2 sensor etc

The tyres are relatively new an have plenty of life left in them still!

MOT ends this year sometime just checking now (if it is near I will MOT it before selling!)

Taxed till October/November

Overal a fantastic car!! I've never had so much fun in a car and it gets so much attention wherever I go!! A real show stopper! Especially when they hear the brutal grunty classic V8 muscle sound she now has! I will miss her!!

Pictures do not do any justice to the Corvette! Must be seen to be appreciated but I have plenty of photos an videos email me for some!

And this is a genuine Z51 performance model! If I recall only
3000 ever made in the production year!

I am really sad to be selling her but reluctantly I have to downsize and need some spare cash to fulfill other dreams!

I will always consider a part-ex you never know let me know what you have

I paid ?7000 for the Corvette last year and have spent about just shy of ?2000 I think but will accept ?5000 for her as I need to get the show on the road!*

My email is '' if you want more pictures or links to videos!*

My mobile is 07581 072 646

Any questions feel free to ask!
She has been put in for an MOT today so will have a fresh years ready to go in a few days!
She has passed the MOT so now has 12 months MOT on her!!!
photo 1.JPGphoto 2 (3).JPGphoto 2.JPGphoto 3 (2).JPGphoto 3 (3).JPGphoto 4.JPGphoto 5 (4).JPG

heres some photos of the vette :)
Pictures looking good. Good luck with the sale :pray2: