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End of Season show at the Farmhouse
I've just whipped up a quick leaflet for Steve to approve, once okayed we can download and print them off to give out.
Nice one Dan. Thats great. I will get the ok from Steve and Dave said he will print some out for us to give out at Fort Nelson. Perhaps we can give one to each car when they come through the gate with the little laminated thank you cards i am making.
Ok i will print one out before SUnday and give to Dave to print some off.

It has been decided that the date of this show is now going to be Saturday 18th September. Starting at 11:30am til whenever you go home!!!

The Farmhouse want us to go all day as they feel from 5pm is not enough time and as we have The Alton Show to attend during the day on the 25th we had no choice but to bring it forward a week.

Therefore Dan can you please re-do the flyer with the new date & start time ASAP so i can give it to Dave tomorrow night so we can get them printed for Sunday's show.

Thank you

I spoke with Alex at the Farmhouse last night and he has agreed that if the Renegades get there at 10:30am and help with blocking off the main car park (I suggested from the trees to the pub) he will give us a bacon buttie & a cuppa for free. Apparently it is such a success that they really want to make a day of it and so Derek with the diner will be there and hopefully Dave and his band.
I'll get that sorted this afternoon and post the new leaflet. I'll remove the old one to avoid confusion.
Just popping out for lunch. I'll get it done when I get back. Soz. I know i said 7pm, will be a little later.
New leaflet with adjusted date/time

I popped out earlier for lunch up the chichillian so couldn't quite get it done in time for 7pm. Hope its all okay.
Well done Dan,

Flyer looks great i will be discussung our end of year show,and loads of other ideas for shows at the club tonite.Lots of exciting things happening so should be good.

Tally Ho Chocks Away!!! Superb!
Will see ya there Superb. didn't get a change to speak to you at the cruise, so many people to get round these days, which is great. The club is growing.
I'm finding names difficult, it took me 4 years to learn names when we had 10 members in the club. Perhaps we should all wear name tags. :whistling:
As long as you remember me thats all you need to worry about Dan haha!!!
I spoke to Steve and he has advised that we will have to stick with 18th as Farmhouse have already printed off 500 flyers and not too happy about changing it. I had already given Dave the revised flyer and he has printed them all out so that we can give them out at our show Sunday.
Great sounds like a plan. I wasn't sure how it would have gone down with moving the mobile diner to another day. As the Farmhouse have printed out flyers then I guess its a good idea to stick with that date. I know its a shame some of the members wont be able to attend due to the Ilse of Wiget show. Its difficult to plan a date that dosn't clash with anything at all.
I know what you mean. Cos we have so many members now it is hard to please everyone. I don't think i can make the Arundel one which is a shame but hey ho!!
your be there with me wigg's
Hi Renegades,

Just to clarify the situation with regards to our end of season show at the Farmhouse we will be holding this event on Saturday 18th September between 10am and 5pm. This will be an all day event because of the success of our Easter season opening show Alex and his team have asked if we could make this one a whole day event.

We will have Derek and his team there again with his stunning Diamond T diner wagon, along with Rockin Lorry who sang for us for the first time at our summer show at Fort Nelson and possibly Static Motion.

Cheers Superb!
Just to confirm that 18th September is the SATURDAY not the Sunday as Steve posted above and Renegades are required to be on site from 10:30am and show starts at 11:30am. (Steve, Alex spoke to me when you were not there. Pub does not open until then and he needs us to help with setting up before all the main cars arrive. We can discuss this further when we see each other next)
does this go into the evening? i thought the meetup in the evening was really good :) its a stereotypical car meet. at a pub/diner with loads of cars in the night. should be fun anyway :) i just liked the idea of the one at night/in the evening