Chevrolet TH700 Auto box

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TH700 gear box that was advertised as a TH400 which I needed to replace the one out of my day van. But ... it turns out it is the wrong one. So if you need a TH700, a 4 speed transmission used in GM cars and light trucks, then get in touch. Looking for ?300 or so.





If you want it, just let me know.
gear box now sold! Just waiting for mine to be completed!
Well Blackmagic is back on the road but Bazza is still in bits so doesn't look like he will be going very far too soon. However i do have a new friend to play with now. His name is LENNY and is a black Mustang like Colin. H bought him for me for our anniversary (i know mum prompted him to say that but hey its way better then a box of choccies thats for sure!!) I am going to drive him around for a couple of months and if all goes well i am gonna pimp him up a little bit!!!!

Hope Freedom gets :beta1: soon. (I know you don't spell better like that but that smiley has such a lovely little face and i never get the chance to use him!!)