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matt 103

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hey gang any one know of any one sellin a cheap useable yank . i have roughly a grand to play with . if it needs work but will get me through the rest of the season great can sort it in close season thanks matt
I saw a Dodge Dart in one of the yank mags for ?800, it was a runner but could do with body work. Can't remember the exact details as the mag is at work, but think it was tax exempt too. Sure it was in the current issue of American Classics.
no paul nowt in mind just wanna get my 1st on and go from there . ok thanx darren
This could be a lovely car, lots of tlc needed but has lots of potential x
Nothing that a bit of tippex couldn't fix.!! Will keep my eyes & ears out for you Matt and see what we can find you.
how much and where???
sweet can u give me more details on it any pics? and when can i come see it paul
Hi Matt

Will keep our eyes and ears open for you,hopefully you will find something.Dont forget that if it needs work the Renegades can help, thats what the club is there for.Keep us posted on how you get on.

Cheers Superb!!
Well i would like to congratulate you Matt on your 1st American car purchase. Matt is now the proud owner of Paul's 1986 cadillac coupe deville. I am sure you are going to have lots of fun and will now be able to join in the cruises/shows instead of being on the side lines. Just gotta think of a name now.......
hey gang . all is not well in caddy land . on way home from cruise had to be jumped twice hopefully only prob with battery so fingers crossed .. ....
Oh No The Shed is Dead!!! Hopefully it'll be an easy fix mate i'll dig the old charger out and see if we can help that way, if not i know a man that does good deals on batteries!!
Ah thats the first of many little things you are gonna find. You wait til you start trying to find bits for it haha!!!
All these things are sent to try us, I think this caddy has such a lot of potential and is going to be stunning when finished. My batery on my mustang dies if I dont drive it for a couple of days,hence why I drive it every day !!Hope you get it sorted soon , take care xx
You know that you are not alone in this Matt so if any of the Renegades can help all you have to do is holler. I am pretty useless when it comes to fixing cars but i am a dab hand at making a cake:clap:
A few years back I wish I had a tool like that.
My battery wouldn't charge from time to time, I could see the volt meter gauge on the dash getting lower. sometimes it would just come back to proper charging voltage. So took around 2 hours to get the alternator out from the top, took it to pro-parts to be reconditioned. It turned out it was a good alternator. so after 2.5hours of getting the darn thing back on. I found that the alternator and battery can be checked while its still in the car. Doh!. it was the battery in the end.