Car stickers


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I was just wondering if it would be ok for me to make my own Renegades car sticker. I've got a spare bit of carbon fibre and chrome vinyl, but I thought best to ask as I don't want to do wrong by the club or step on anyones toes etc...
I can see anything wrong with that. Go for it, I can see a problem doing it on your own car.
If you were to make loads an sell them on they it may be treading on toes, but as your not doing that, you get my vote!
Go for it Darren. Theres no law saying what you can and can't have on your car. As Dan said if you start making them and selling them the current person that does them will no doubt get a little upset perhaps.
looking good
got any more m8
I got some Matt but they are not as fancy as Darren's.

That is sweet Darren. I really like that. I am gonna have a better look at it if you are at the cruise tomorrow.
Oh i want one... and maybe a car to stick it on lol!!!
I will have the stickers tomorrow but unfortunately i am all out of cars at the moment!!! hehe!!
where do i get one
sweet . am hopin to pick car up monday nite .
lookgud mae well done
Now we are gonna especially look at the 'S' Darren and pick holes in it!! (Only jealous it looks fab)
tracey, could you try and get some for bikes too :p theres 2 bikes (well one bike and a moped) in the club as of what i know. im sure there will be some more in the future :) i would get one for sure