Car off the road at the mo.


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Feels odd to be without the car. Basically the rear wheel bearings were new, but axel was worn and pitted, which wore out the bearing again. I dont think the impact with the M271 concrete helped much.
Waiting for new half shafts to come and Eaton Posi with new rear end gears. The halfshafts are being machined. This set up should be far stringer than stock. also the rear gears will get me to around 55mph in 1st, currently around 45mph. Top wack in 5th will be 200mph, where before it was 173mph. Of course i wont be trying that out. 6th gear will get me better mileage on the motorways.

Parts are on their way, not sure how much longer they will be though.
hope shes up and runing soon im in the same way no car:crying:
Me too, soon we'll be the renegades no car club :lol:

Though mine should be back on the road either tomorrow night or saturday, depending on the weather.
Lenny goes like a dream and Bazza will be up and running ready for the new season - hopefully!!!
I am very proud of him as he has learnt so much in the last 12 months. He knew nothing about cars before he got Bazza. He is now researching whether he can replace the exhaust pipe on his own or not.
weellllll i actually got 2 out of 4 workin now yeha, so just need to get cloths and polish out, pontiac is looking good for summer to??????????? if i get chrome done in time, been doing exhaust tonite then i can paint it, as all body back together and primed, gettin exciting now.
and H will do great with bazza great to see him doin his best, proud of him

crazy pete