Breakfast Run - Sunday 21st March


Club co ordinator
It was agreed at club last night that we will be meeting at Rownhams Services on the M27 just after J5 (past the M3 turnoff) at 9:30 to leave @ 9:45am prompt and then cruise along to St Leonards to a cafe that is located just behind the field where the Can Am Club have their June show. Does anyone actually know the name of this venue? I think it would be a good idea to call them in advance so they are prepared for our visit. What do you think?
After breakfast we may cruise on down to the New Forest, weather permitting.
The only thing down there that I know of is 'Avon heath (Or something) country park'. They may well have a cafe there. I expect the other Chris will be along soon to confirm.
Steve went into Avon Heath Country Park, A31, today and confirmed with them that we will be arriving about 10.30 ish, so if we meet at Rownhams at 9.30 that gives us time to cruise down to the breakfast meeting place. Not sure how many people are coming so if poss could you say Yay or nay on the forum please ta everso take care xx:p
Oh thats great at least they now know. I think there will be a few as long as the weather is kind to us.
Might make this one, depends what the curtains reveal on sunday morning.
Don't forget your change for the car park. ?2.00 for up to two hours. (According to their website.)
Hi guys, yes Avon Heath cafe is good and usually good parking. We will try and get a few along to meet up as well from Dorset car Club. But a good chance we will be there, provided MOT on Freedom goes well tomorrow .......... watch this space!
Hopefully see you all at rowmnams on sunsay might be sober buy then.
Hope you guys dont mind, but a few Dorset Car Clubbers will drag themselves out of their beds to join you for breakfast, drive safe and see you in the morning
Hey Mr Warbird .... see you at McDonalds for a 10am depart! Drive safe.
Well, we couldnt have picked a better day for our March brekkie run.The nearer we got to Ringwood the sunnier it became and the sun shone all the time. We had a cruise of 10 cars from Rownhams and met 3 more at the venue, courtesy of our good friends from Dorset Car Club. The food and service was really good, definately a venue for future reference. After Brekkie and a few photoes later, we cruised back, with Geoff and Alison, who incidently drove up from Bristol, to the Churchillian where we finished our morning off sat in the garden with a pint. Good day, good company, roll on Wheels Day. Would like to thank Dorset Car Club for joining us, really nice to see you all . Take care xxx Would also like to thank Fran for doing a collection for Sport Relief on behalf of the Solent Renegades and DCC.xx:cool:
Very enjoyable Day! Good weather and good company . Thanks all. See you soon. Julie Ady & Jordan.

P.S Ceejay was green......with envy. Aww Bless.
Yep, good day out. nice to go some distance for a change to give the cars a good run and at highish speeds. much better than crawling around at 5 to 10 mile an hour around town. Hopefully we can continue throughout the year as the better weather improves.
Thanks to you all who made us all feel so at home and welcome. Great to see you and your cars.
Wuz that good or what?? A big thank you to you all for making Alison & I so welcome, THAT'S what a car club is all about, CanAM could learn a thing or two from the Solent Renegades!
See ya all at Wheels!
Oh, & mummyjan, your cake is the best!
Oh, & mummyjan, your cake is the best!

ah, you sampled the cake. you have been converted. Jan makes good roast's too. :drool: