Bowling Night


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Sorry havn't got a date for it. But this may come in useful. The bowling place in Bedhampton is an AMF, I have come across this voucher.


As soon as someone knows the date for bowling, we can get it added to the events page.
I am sure Superb said it was going to be November sometime. I couldn't make last club so can't remember. This time he will have to take deposits from those of us who wish to partake in this leisure activity :D.

I think they may have a xmas special comming soon as well. I will check on Sunday.
At last club night it was agreed that we would leave it until late Jan early Feb as everyone has so much on now what with the lead up to Christmas.
I should listen more at these meetings....:oops:

The voucher doesn't seem to have an expiry date. So that could save some pennies.
Hi Renegades we discussed at the last meet that because we had a lot coming up between now and Christmas it would be something to look forward to in the New Year.The bowling nite will definately go ahead and will more than likeky be the middle of Feb and we can get a list of potential bowlers now and then we will rob you of some money nearer the time.See me or Trace and we will put you on our list.

Cheers Superb!
Add me to the list. Feb sounds good to me.