Back to work tommorow


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Well the day has come for me to go back to work tommorow, some of you may have gone back already.
I will be on the forum more, as its easier from work. Have been working on programming and circuit board design over the holidays, mainly working on the led light for the new camaro.

I expect i will see you all on tuesday. Drive safe, meant to be another icy one tonight.
Twas that cold this morning the penguins were nesting inside the car! How many people did you see this morning who could not see you?
Yep, I saw a few, driving and wiping windows on the inside at the same time. I didn't pass too many cars, as I only have a short trip to work and was a little earlier than usual.
I tend to wake up the neighborhood while demisting my windows and removing the ice just leaving the car on tick over. People up the road use me going to work as an alarm clock as I'm the same time every day well apart from the colder days.