Any Ideas on wheels


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I'm trying to figure out what wheels are on my Caddy but having no luck I think they are made by Dub and they are also split rim but not sure if there would be any markings in the back of the wheel that would help me track them down?? There are Two reasons for this..

1) I need a spare wheel (And I like them to match )

2) If one gets damaged like what's happened to my brothers Subaru,s alloy wheel after he hit the mother of all pot holes I need to be able to find a matching replacement as I dont think the highways dep would replace the full set

Any advice most welcome I will post a better Picture tomorrow.
I shall get a better picture at the weekend and will remove one of the wheels and see if I can find any info in the back part of the rim... I did find a wheel but Its not a dub wheel?
I have been looking but its like the needle in a hay stack ;)
This is the one which looks close but no cigar LOL its not split rim and its a Borbet BS

A better picture of mine...dirt and all LOL and the tyre sise is 245x40-R19 95Y
hi if you look up northants wheels n tyres send them a pic, or american raceway, these are the main alloy wheel dealers in uk
im sure they will help,

crazy pete
Hi Andy, long time no chat ..

Back in January when you were first trying to find out what wheels they were i came across Mercedes but knowing nothing much about these things i didn't say anything and that Audi do them too well i google imaged Audi 490 16 ( but they are measurements ) but have a look.

I saw loads of really nice wheels while on my search
Blimey, $900 for one wheel. Looks nice though
Blimey, $900 for one wheel. Looks nice though

Thats what I thought as well Bit of a ouch to the bank account price Approximately ?523.05 at current conversion from USD - GBP .... But will look out for secondhand one :) as only want it as a spare wheel (I like my wheels to match slight case of OCD )

Plus not 100% sure mine are genuine But copy's???
The USD to GBP may look attractive at first glance, but by the time you add on shipping and import take its not far off a $ becoming a ?.
have you tried getting them through northants tyres they maybe able to save you some p&p or at least customs charge