ABC Destinations w/ a twist


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A little forum game we can play.....

Self explanatory really... Alphabetical towns, suburbs, cities, countries.

The first one starts with an A but the next one starts with the letter the first one ends with So if I use Azerbaijan the next one starts N.

Azerbaijan - Newport
Newport - Tuscon
New York - Kentucky (hummm chicken)
yorkshire - east meon
East Meon - Nantucket (Yay a new game :))
where on earth is Nantucket? sounds like a nan with a surname of 'tucket'

Nantucket - Turkey
Come on Dan Nantucket is south of Cape Cod in Massachusetts in America

Turkey - Yeovil
Lewes - Southsea
southsea - cruise. oh wait wrong game...

Me & Jack keep on posting at the same time. Spooky!!!

Andover - Rome (i will go one day!!)
Amsterdam - Madrid