2012 Season Videos.


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Hey guys here is this months cruise video, hope you all enjoy it, music chosen this month by Matt!!!! Great cruise guys well done and many thanks!!! Alan x[video=youtube_share;exZ3USJ_wB4]http://youtu.be/exZ3USJ_wB4[/video]
I have the in car camera of the cruise. Not sure if anyone wants to use it to edit into another video. I mainly follow the same car all round so it could get a little boring. Although you do get to see a few cars at the start etc...

I watched you video with Sarah. You got that up pretty quick. Great to watch.
excellent al well done
Thanks guys....I try to be quick as don't like to disappoint!!!
I've added this video, to our New Videos section.

Also you may notice in the video section, there is a facebook bit at the bottom. If you are signed into facebook (top of this forum) then you can link videos direct to facebook. This is a great idea to get more visitors to the forum, let people know what we are all about. :dance: