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    Corn Snake

    Just went with the flowas per Dans reply. Yeah I thought that anyway ,I just like to aggravate you :sorry: I will try and get one or two.
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    Corn Snake

    Hi. All thanks for replying. Saleen what do you want pictures of? Neo was the person with the three legged dog if you remember and brought her snakes to one of our shows. Yep everything's ok. Yep Dan I did a PM. Thought that with the season opener looming we may see her. Just trying help...
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    Corn Snake

    Is Neo53 still about? Or anyone who keeps Snakes? Have a 3ft Corn Snake to re home - comes with his home. You must be able to collect in the renegades area. Cheers
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    January Breakfast Run

    Hi All, yeah very pleasant breakfast run. Look forward to the next one! Cheers A + J
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    Amberley Museum Breakfast Run

    Yep sounds good to us! A+J
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    Deans Diner Whitely - 2nd March 2014

    Count us in!
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    Have a good new year

    Hi Dan, Yeah needed to acknowledge Jack seeing the effort that was made! What model Mustang 2014 or s197? A+J
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    Have a good new year

    Bl**dy hell Chris you had a good night... You have a good 2014 yourself... shame, you probably wont remember the start of it! A+J
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    Bursledon Brickworks - Sparky's Vintage Fair

    We Are going. Are you still meeting up the hill?
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    CanAmania August 25th 2013

    Hi, Count us in too. AD57 MUS See ya Ade and Julie
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    Independence Day American Car Show And Shine June 30th 2013

    Hi All , yes a very nice day very enjoyable. Darren we saw you talking to some strange people - if they were barking we had a lucky escape! :hail:
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    The mullberry pub

    Hi Yes Darren we would be up for this. Put some dates out there and see who else is interested. See Ya Ade n Julie
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    Club Night - May 7th 2013

    Nice pictures Sarah. We do like the ones with the pompey lights in the background. See Ya Julie and Ady
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    A new vehicle has been created in the garage!

    Nice one Chris! Hope all goes well...look forward to seeing it. Ady and Julie
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    Burseldon Brickwords - Stars & Stripes 21st July 2013

    Sarah always up for a laugh! We all made the best of a bad weather day, didn't we? Next time though, we will make sure a certain person gets up to line dance too! julie