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Hi folks

With the sixth annual 2012 Yanks Weekend being held at Warwickshire’s Shakespeare County Raceway (May 25th/27th) starting to gain momentum at an increasingly fast rate, Martin and myself thought that we should sent out another update everyone with the latest confirmations to this well established event in the American car calendar.

Hot news just off the press this month is that American based automotive parts supplier RockAuto (www.rocksuto.com) have very kindly agreed to come on board as an event sponsor. Rock Auto will also be sending over a bunch of goodies and trophy items to promote and further enhance Rock Auto’s valued customer base in the UK.

Founded in 1999 by the Taylor family, the Wisconsin based company ships thousands of car parts from over 200 manufactures world wide. With a big infantry of parts for both American and European models, RockAuto’s online catalogue is updated daily with mechanical parts such as brake pads to shock absorbers, body parts; bumpers and mirrors, interior trim; door handles and carpets, and major assemblies such as steering gears, CV axles, engine long blocks, and complete transmissions are just a fraction of what RockAuto can supply. Someday, it may be possible to build an entire car using parts from RockAuto!

Further to the companies involvement with Yanks, Rock Auto have given all UK based customers a 5% discount off all parts ordered from the on-line catalogue by adding Discount Code: PSDS2012 (expires 15/11/2012) in the ‘How Did You Hear About Us’ section of the checkout screen.

The guys from the National Association of Street Clubs (NASC) have pledged their support towards the weekend along with the NASC’s 34th annual presentation of Gary’s Picnic; one of if not the oldest drag racing and rodding event on today’s calendar with a revised club race format.

Another popular addition resurrected by popular demand is the Sunday Show N Shine Sunday which, if all goes according to plan will be sponsored by a well known car care products company!

As with all American car shows the event relies on club participation and so far from the initial mail out the response has been very encouraging indeed especially with the added attractions of mighty trucks and rigs, a charity fund raising genuine American Crown Victoria Police Cruiser, the girls from the Coventry Dynamite Cheerleaders, oval racers of MASCAR (Miniature Association of Stock Car Racers), the big bad blown Supercharged Outlaw dragsters together with Outlaw Street drag racing ‘doorslammer’ style, Big Bucks Bracket Gamblers Shootout and our two recent acquisitions to the line up; the return of the mighty SVT European Shootout for the mighty Ford Lightening Trucks and a special Tri-Chevy Shootout. And there’s still more to come. Dare you miss out…!!!

And that’s not all. Following the conclusion of the days racing on Saturday, we intend to hold a burnout competition for the many serious “smokers” amongst us, and to top off proceedings on the Saturday night, the very popular Coventry based band “Insomnia”, will be blasting out an energetic set on stage so best bring you’re ear plugs for this band as “Tony” the drummer, only does things extra loud!

Further attractions are expected to be added as the month’s roll on. So mark May 25th/27th at Shakespeare County Raceway’s Yanks Weekend in your diary.

If you would like to book a free club stand then please get in touch on the address above or call 01789 720180. We look forward to hearing from you.
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Sounds very tempting, I may be interested in this. How many other club members may pop up to take a look. In the old days we used to do weekend to SantaPod as a club, we haven't done it for a while now. I may be tempted to launch mine down the track at Shakey, similar travelling distance.
I'm very tempted. May have to start saving some petrol money... and some strip money :D :burnout:
We went year before last for the whole weekend and it was brilliant. Would love to go again but will see how things go.
I'm still keen on this one, I think I'd be going even if I end up moving house that weekend. How many others are going up?
I really want to go but only if i can find someone with a dayvan/caravan i can borrow as i don't really want to tent it with a newborn. Plus gotta get him some ear defenders. Its a brill weekend especially as we hang out with Adam and the rest of Team Gridlock. You are amongst all the good stuff lol!! :)
I really want to go but only if i can find someone with a dayvan/caravan i can borrow :)
Could you borrow Steve's or are Steve and Jan going to this?
I don't know haven't really thought that far in advance. Mind you they have the problem of the dogs as we are usually the ones who look after them if they go away. But i know they would really like to go too. We will have to see what we can organise. I know H is desperate to take Bazza there as he regretted not taking him last time.
Problems with dogs can be sorted with a kayak. :fish2:
Is it a run what you brung weekend?. Someone mentioned it was, but cant see it advertised.
Wanted to see what time I could get down the strip, perhaps that will be another weekend.
Is it a run what you brung weekend?. Someone mentioned it was, but cant see it advertised.
Wanted to see what time I could get down the strip, perhaps that will be another weekend.

They allways have the strip open at this event and you pay for the day ( ?20 or ?30 but dont quoteme on them prices) as I cant remember what it is but you can pay for the day on the strip and run as many runs as you like or If i remember rightly you can buy a strip pass for the whole week end.. I Think you need to have your driving license and bit n bobs for the car and most importantly a helmet for going down the strip
I wasn't too sue if it was a run what you bring as it was an organised high power cars event. Mind you at Santapod over easter they sent a standard VW Polo down after a top fuel dragster run. Seemed a bit sureal. Dragster 5 seconds. Polo 23 seconds.

I'll be well up fo going down. I will try to borrow a helmet.
Well we unexpectantly decided to go to this after all and what a fantastic weekend. Stayed in a B & B what with little one. Who by the way didn't flinch as the V8's rolled by. Well done to team Gridlock too for winning. Can't wait to do it all again soon :)