Xmas Toy ( TA project) come early

Collecting all the parts for winter job.
already have new water pump from rockauto big white box in previous photo sometime back. Got the radiator now have the coolant already.
Some service items turned up today

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I had a crack in the windscreen went through insurance and got windscreen replaced. For got to post so here it is. It was a pain with insurance to sort out with their company but it's all sorted. It took the guys about 1.5 hours to change it's a bonded windscreen with tint and ariel built in lucky I some spare window trim clips left over from the respray about 7 years ago. So over winter months I hope to put in new radiators and new water pump my even put in electric fan as well.
well not much been happening to the old girl since having the windscreen done , have all the parts now ready for replacement better pull my finger out soon be start of season, march i think is the 1st event
Yep pull your finger out and get on with it.
Sorry was in Llandudno today no play time today lol.🤣
Dan ask me to post this update. I etched primed and used black heat rated paint on the new radiator ready to be fitted. Going to put in new water pump as well. Could of left it silver alloy but can't have to much bling on the engine bay lol.🤣