Worthing American Rod & Custom Show - July 25th


Club co ordinator
Just thought i should remind you that if you wish to attend this show this year then you are required to register beforehand. This is a very popular show and may be turned away should you not have pre-registered. Show will be held on Sunday 25th July 2010.

As its their 25th anniversary year they promise it to be the best show yet.

So if you go to the following website www.worthingamericanrodcustom.com you will find a registration form. Send this with an SAE and they will return your entry number.
Big thank you Trace for the reminder and for the web adderss. Last year was the first time I had gone to the event, and I we had a reley good day.

See you and H on Tuesday.

God Bless the U.S. :rockon:
Yeah apart from the rain it was a good show wasn't it. See you Tuesday x
Well this ones coming up real soon and if you haven't done so already then you need to get your registration in or you could be turned away. A very popular show that gets extremely busy. Time & place to meet will be confirmed at the next club night on 20th July. Hopefully we will be there depending on the jet lag!!!!
hi is anyone going got a spare seat not sure hers in doors fancies goin ???
I've heard its gonna rain on Sunday from a very good source (My Mum) so if it is not sure we will be going as it was a wash out last year when it rained. We got stuck right at the front and could not go anywhere for 3 hours. However if we do i am sure we can find you somewhere hun so don't worry.
Hi Renegades

Good reminder Trace about registering for the show, let me know on Tues who wants to go and see if we can meet up somewhere b4 hand and cruise down.

We will probably meet up at the services on the A27. All i can remember from last year was it was a bloody early start at around 7:30ish but hopefully will be at club tonight so we can finalise.
I won't be able to make this show, I really need to rehearse for Sonisphere on the 30th, but I hope the weather holds off for everyone.
Well as agreed last night we will all meet at the services (Little Chef/Bonjour) on A27 at 8:00am. We will pick up Pete & Sue a bit further along at the next services just after. Lets hope the rain holds off.
well looks like the wife is up for it . but i'll probably meet you guys there my vectra is bit embarassing to join the convoy :(
Hey if i can cruise in Rodney the Rover then i am sure you can in Victor the Vectra hahahaha!!!!!!
What a show. As usual packed out and even better that the rain held off even though it chucked it down when we left home at silly o'clock this morning. A great 25th anniversary event and very sad to hear that Nige & Kevin are no longer going to be organising it as of next year. The event will now be in the hands of NASC and we have been advised that there will still NOT be any entry fee to attend next year. You have done a grand job all these years guys - Well done and enjoy your retirement.
Sadly missed the Worthing show due to being on my hols. First one I've missed in around 10 years. However I may be able to wangle the Nationals instead. YAY!!
The show was ok upto about 3pm but then we all got a tad bored after having been round the stalls, cars & shops twice. They won't let you out until after the trophy giving which wasn't until 5pm this year. Thats way too late and has put me off going next year. However with NASC doing it next year they may change it.

Come to the Nationals Dan. Its gonna be a blast and a lot more people going this year.
The Nationals does sound tempting. Havn't been since 2001 when it was off the M1, never been to the Ipswitch location. I'm sure it will be a blast.
Oh you gotta go. I have been looking forward to it all year. You can even dress up every night if you like haha!!

Themes this year are as follows:-

Friday - The Glitter Band (Yes i am afraid its a Gary Glitter Tribute Band so may be staying back at the tent and having our own party for this one!!)
Saturday - Madness Tribute Band (I will love this as i grew up listening to them. Still have our trilbys from last year only have to get stay press trousers and a piano tie)
Sunday - Abba Gold (Can only be one band - get your glam frocks out and somehow everyone knows the words to all their songs even if you are not a fan)

Have a look here for more info - www.streetrodnationals.co.uk
Sounds like it will be a laugh. what cars will you be taking? is there any chance you will have Bazza back on the road by then?
I wonder if Paul will be pulled over by the Police again.
Well thats the plan. We would like him back a bit before then as don't really want to be running him in going to Ipswich. The engine is back in and just the fiddley bits now. We have also bought a bonnet off ebay however its in Birmingham so will have to have a drive up there soon but at least that won't stop the car from going.