Wheels Day 2024 - 29th March

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presume you guys will be coming up the A34? i will be coming down the M4 to join the A34
Meeting at Morrisons Horndean to leave at 7.30am to cruise up. Going north on the A3, to the A272 at Ptersfield, take the A272 all the way to the M3/A34, then up the A34 to the venue.
Your best bet is TOT Hill as coming up from the M3 you will probably leave at that point to travel into Newbury (the OLD A34)
Next one is Leave Micks burgers on the hill at 8am, stop at Winall Services(M3/A34) to leave there at 9am.
anyone going this way. i was thinking of meeting up at Winall as i am close to the M27
anyone going this way. i was thinking of meeting up at Winall as i am close to the M27
Yes, atleast 4 going going to Winall to meet others.
Paul with that 08 Bullet Mustang
Mick with a blue Torino
Nigel with a black 05 Mustang
Chris with the 56 Belair.
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Update from SSR
Hi everyone from a wet Newbury,
We're currently onsite and setting up.
As it stands currently the ground is firm over the vast majority of the site. The site has concrete and tarmac roadways across it so the roads between the grass areas won't get rutted and muddy. The only movement on grassed areas will be to park. As long as people keep their foot off the gas pedal when they arrive and depart the grass as it stands should handle the movement.
We will obviously assess the situation throughout the day should the weather deteriorate further.
Unfortunately, the funfair are unable to get here due to the weather so will not be in attendance this year.
All the best for now,
Latest from SSR
Good morning one and all,
Well it's the morning of Wheelsday 49!
The sun isn't shining yet but the forecast isn't looking too bad today. Compared to yesterday the winds have eased which is great as well.
The main gates open for arena vehicles from 8.30am. DO NOT arrive earlier please! The road outside the Showground (unlike Rushmoor) is a live carriageway and as such you are unable to queue there to wait to get in! Road marshals will wave you on if you try.
Public viewing officially opens from 10am!
As always for all show cars, no pass, no arena entry, no show! We won't accept emails or receipts of payment as proof for entry. Your pass is your responsibility! Keep it safe until you arrive and show it to the marshals when asked. No excuses! You're all big children now and had plenty of time to contact us if you had any issues. Don't be surprised if you are sent to public parking if you arrive without your pass.
This is a new venue so please can we ask you all to behave yourselves! Everyone knows the trouble we had finding this location. If you enjoy our show and you want it to continue please refrain from burnouts and other antisocial behaviour when arriving, during and when leaving the Showground. You are as big a part of this show as we are, and any bad behaviour risks us losing the new venue and the future of the show. You are a reflection of our past time so please refrain from any mischief!
Lastly, thanks to everyone who have been supportive of us. The vast majority of you have been massively positive throughout and we can't thank you enough. Sometimes mothernature is sent to try us and boy has she over the last 48 hours but the show is on so please come and support us and the traders onsite. They've braved it as well.
As always have fun, and we'll see you from 8.30!
All the best,
Photos from today:- https://www.solent-renegades.co.uk/media/albums/wheels-day-2024.1779/

What a great day out. Good cruise up. Weather was on and off, did some out with some great sunshine times. SSR done a great job of marshalling. All parked up with no issues, although we did get sepearated. Great turn out considering the threat of rain.
Lots of stuff not seen before think the weather put alot of people and mybe new site later ground easier access mybe some local to aldershot didn't want to travel that farm with weather. Well he are some of my photos.
Even had the Welsh flag flying 👍done just over 400 miles with visiting friends as well.


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Was certainly some nice cars there. Great to show photos to people who didn't want to attend due to weather. The weather was far better than predicted. There was parts of the trip up where I dind't need wipers on.

Good trip home too.
What did everyone think of Wheels Day? Better venue? would do it again?
What did everyone think of Wheels Day? Better venue? would do it again?
Bit longer drive than Rushmore, but a nice run, would have been better without the rain, great to get in quick no long queues. Overall I think a better venue
Agree better place easy access flatter ground to walk around easier for disable people as well plenty of parking for show cars. Traders and public plenty of space to expand on. And better weather would be good don't know full lay out of ground for Newbury dose it have 2 exit routes to make leaving show easier? Only improvement I can think of. .
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good venue easy to get in and out no mud to get stuck in. sign me up for next year
No post office vans or white vans in show area
No post office vans or white vans in show area
Was some boring BWM's that think they are show cars at any show. He had an arena pass, perhaps he left his show car at home but wouldn't you want to be put in that public car park instead of being made fun of?