whats been going on at insane towers


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What?s going on?
The camper started first time and drove faultlessly to its second favourite home the Shell garage down the road. I took the car out on Monday and almost got the wheels of the ground on one of the roads round my way, so it?s safe to say it hooks up. I've got my new nitrous bottle delivered today and finished loading the motor home ready for the weekend tonight
I don't believe it. I finally have all my gears and in the right order. I just have to put the passenger seat in over the weekend and then give it a bloody good clean. Fingers crossed the heads will be back on, on the camper.
I got the heads back for my motor home today. Valves all done, one is built up ready to go the other will be on Friday then they will be fitted back on over the weekend.
Another day of progress ish. The gearbox is in full of oil, converter bolted up, starter in and working, but surprisingly my new prop bearings that I got even with taking the prop in don't fit.
At last the box is back in and I now have clearance on the converter to flex plate..... The valves and seats in the motor home heads have been re-cut and I get them back tomorrow. Thanks Jim. I now have the classic ford tickets. Fingers crossed I don't break this one.
I'd like to say a massive well done to Rusty Dan for sticking with it and finally have some luck with his scirocco. I drove on Wednesday and it goes really well and looks the mutts he should be very proud of it. Well done mate.
Another night of progress. The heads are off the camper and show that the camper has been running very close to perfect. I'm hoping to have the exhaust manifolds and heads refaced early part of the week. I just have to get out the exhaust studs that had broken on the heads. While they are off we will service them. we no...w have the car turning over and sparking through the new crank trigger.
I've also got the new diff back together and in. New rear springs are fitted and new servo as I borrowed the one on the car, Thanks Jason.
At last we started to put something back on the car tonight. The new crank trigger is on and thank you to Andy of ADS precision engineering for going back to his factory to machine the flying trigger.
All this is being done by my hard working crew as me being a numpty and helping a nurse at work broke a finger by dropping a "BOTTLE OF WATER" on it. It does weigh 25kilo's What a P**K. So thanks lads.
While we?re doing the Transmission I decided to check the gears in the diff and found a damaged bearing which has led to the gears chewing themselves. So new gears have been ordered I've decided to change the gears from 3.5/1 to 3.25/1.
This is the new gearbox spec
Hi Ron, I have pulled the information on that transmission and the part number you have is a PG92351-V80, this transmission is our top-end full out pro-mod powerglide. This transmission comes with: 1.80 Straight Cut Gearset with Vasco Output Shaft10 Clutch High Gear Drum0.100" Oversized 300M Input ShaftCast Aluminum ...Deep PanBillet Servo Piston and Servo CoverRoller Bearing TailhousingSFI Ultra-CaseRoller Bearing Governor SupportForward Pattern Pro-Tree Trans-BrakeHD Band Adjustment BoltUniversal Shifter Arm Please let me know if you need anything else, thanks. Eric Secaur
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