Wessex Classic Car Show is Back!

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Is back at Bovington.

This ever popular car show, run by Jaguar Enthusiasts Club, Dorset Region, www.dorset-jec.org, returns to the Tank Museum, Bovington on Sunday 5th September 2010.

You can down load an entry form from www.dorset-jec.org and click on the link to the Wessex Show.

Prebooked entry is:
Car and driver + 1 passenger ?6 + ?2 per extra passenger

Entry on the day: Car + 1 passenger = ?7 + ?2 per extra passenger

Or you can call the show contact number 07811 717 710

Any interest, put it here.

Drive safe.
Thanks for the info, I used to go to that one a while back. Usually a good event, many cars there.
I remember the year when they had a loud car competition, many big blocks revving their engines, and this guy in a vauxhal nova didn't realise he entered an exhaust competition, he thought it was for the audio sound system. He was annoying many people during the show as he thought everyone wanted to listen to his music, he was a thorn in the crowd. lol.
I could be up for that one. I'll add it to the events calendar.
Same day as Can-Am nationals.
Thats really funny cos i was only talking about this show to someone at the weekend as i heard that they used to hold one there. Would be nice to do something different so may head on down there. Will see nearer the time.
Dont get confused over this show .... this is the Jaguar car show ... and the one I think you might remmber was one that I used to run at The Tank Museum, C-CARS. Ask Pete about the old C-Cars shows ....... cruise, show'n'shine, party to end all parties, and so on! Having said that the Jag show was always very nice, quiet, respectable and well laid out. Then they let some Americans in!

But ......... I might be forced to run a show at Fordingbridge area soon, along the lines of the Romsey Show! watch this space.

Drive safe.
Ah yes i think thats what we were talking about.