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Not sure if this is the right place to post this but here goes, on the gallery section of the website from what I can see has not been updated since 2009, am I looking at the right part or has it just not been updated?
Hi Nick, your right, on the main website I havn't added photos for some time. Its a little combersome adding photos to that part. I was hoping to move all the photos over to the forum section at some pont. You will see a Gallery drop down box next to Home/Forum/Garage/Blogs etc.. All members can add photos in there. I need to decide which way is best to go for photos. I may make it easier for me to add to the main website, but will take a little while programming, people used to kindly give me photos on CD's from various car shows so I could add to the site. Atleast with it being on the forum, there is a bulk upload feature for photos, and anyone can add photos.

So yes you were looking at the right part, it hasn't been updated.
Dan, it seems like the front end is pretty hard work. Are you using a CMS or is it mostly just hand coded?
When you click on home on the forum its CMS,
The older website is hard coded. Well the photo gallery is database driven which I coded myself in Classic ASP, as ASP.Net used up tons of resourses just to put a word on the screen. Classic ASP was much faster.
The forum has grown well and came with CMS, so it may be worth concentrating on the CMS side of it. Calendar is all part of it too :O)
I've found busier sites so much easier to deal with using cms. My bands site and another site I built are both in cms and are a breeze to update. My personal site is hand coded, I used to use a cms but it was a bit over the top so I re-wrote it all by hand in php. Where it's not updated much, it's easy to do. The gallery is the part which is updated the most, but that takes care of it's self. I just need to upload the image files into folders and the jobs done.

For your sanity, it may be worth converting the main site to use the cms. Which is it using? I've mainly been using joomla.
Thanks for the answer Dan, but if you put it all through the Forum does that mean that anybody surfing will not be able to access the pics. I think that the website needs the pics so that anybody can see what and where the Renagades do and go, at the momen the site looks dead as there are no 2010 pics and this could put people off going any further on the site, just a thought
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