Waterlooville Show - Saturday 2nd July 2011


Club co ordinator
Just had confirmation from Havant County Council that the Waterlooville Show will be held on Saturday 2nd July. More details to follow

Please note that this is the same weekend of Goodwood Festival of Speed for those that need to know.
i'll be up for this one no worries
I think this is going to be a busy weekend as i want to go to Goodwood on the Friday with Malc and then this and then Haynes Motor Museum would like us to go along there on the Sunday.
il be up for this
Ooooh, I want to go to goodwood on Friday too. It does sound like a busy weekend.
You can come with us if you want D. Perhaps we can get a group together or something. I know Graham & Jack go every year too. I have never been and really want to go this year. Watch this space :)