Warbird's Astronomical


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Got a few pictures..................


A couple here of the new Phantom Billet grill I just fitted...............


Hope you like them!
Looks good.
Feel free to use the blog section to create a write up about the day van.

Same goes for anyone who wants to write about their ride. Create an article in the blog section. Then I can promote it to the home page of the forum http://forum2.solent-renegades.co.uk/content.php

Liking the new grill, that is one good looking van mate, well done.

Cheers Superb!
Did you have to re-upload them onto photobucket?
If you need to store a couple of photos this can be done in your Album section on the forum, click on Community/My Album under the main Home/Forum/Blogs buttons. you can access these when creating your post by clicking on Manage Attachments, then choose your images to insert. you can also click on Add File in Manage Attachments to upload photos there too.
Dan this forum you have found is really great..... well done.
Dan this forum you have found is really great..... well done.

Thanks for the compliment. I visited a few other forums and many people were using vBullitin (same as this one) this has many extra features to the regular forum. I'm impressed to with what it can do. The only gripe i have is it can be a little slow at time. It runs scheduled events, which only run if its time to and someone has requested a page. The new revision should speed up a bit. More peolple that use it, it seems to speed up. I think the forum is certainly working at bringing club members together which is what I mainly wanted to achieve.
Took the spotlights off the other day as one glass got cracked! I think it looks better without them on.


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I heard the word 'naked', so I came to take a look.
Looking good.
A naked Astronomicl .... now that should have some sort of warning label on it!!!!