v8 mentalists summer bbq sunday 22nd jul2012

matt 103

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well worth a visit , went last year cant make this year as working,Dam.
I went, not the best of venues in my opinion. In fact, I didn't stay for long, just long enough to help push a Mopar out of the swamp that should have been a field! Anyway, had a nice drive which was the main thing, did about a 130 mile round trip.
Did they use the field at the back of the pub or the sports field oppersite the pub? was a good turn out last year..did want to attend this show but work got in the way and in the end got cancelled so drove to slough and back again but hay double time ..
thought the show was awesome they used about half the sports field because the back half was wet but still got about 70 cars in, plus the pub car park was full and about 50 in the lane. car's still turning up at 2oclock we never left there till 5.15 but home by 6.05.
It just looked absolute chaos when I turned up, loads of cars turning around where they could looking for a place to park, I gave up in the end and just had a damn good drive around. However, if the surrounding grounds had been in better condition I think it may have been good. British summer aye?