Upgrade to 4.0.8


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The latest update has arrived today. Apparently 300 minor bugs fixed. Again probably nothing we will notice, but want to keep up to date with things.

Just started uploading the new version. Shouldn't create any downtime till the final stages, which will be after lunch today.

Forum may be runing a little slower than usualy while I copy the 1900 files.
Update complete. All went rather well, some files didn't completely copy which stoped the site from working for 30mins. all good to go now.
Some of the text towards the bottom of the main screen is a bit light, will look into that.
cool thx for the Update
Some of you may have experience problems in the last two days when using Internet Explorer to view the website. This was due to an add on that was installed to make the forum faster to download for mobile phones to view the forum. This has been removed. There is not a drop down link at the bottom right of the forum to switch to a faster view for mobile phones.

Also when you entered the forum a home page was seen rather than the forum, the preferences have been changed so the Forum comes up first.

Everything should be working fine on all browsers, if there are still problems, please let me know.

Ah and there was me getting all excited about the mobile thingymebob. Not that i ever look at the forum on my mobile but would have been handy however i prefer the fact we go straight into the forum now. Thanks for the great job you do Dan in keeping us linked to the wonderful world of technology :)
Yes Dan you do a wondeful job.....it goes straight over my head.....but Im sure you know what you are doing ha ha take care xx:confused1: