Upgrade to 4.0.2


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Good morning all. Last night I stated the upgrade from version 4.0.0, to 4.0.2, there have been over 200 bugs fixed, apparently. I held off from upgrading to 4.0.1, as didn't want to faff around with two upgrades. Good job I didn#t. As usualy the upgrade sisn't go smooth. It would appear their bugs are in the upgrade routine. To the end user its a case of pressing Upgrade, but it tried to add items to the database that are already there, and bombs out with errors.

What I have done so far is disabled and add ons like FlashChat, and the CMS section (usually found clickin on Home on the menu Forum/Blogs/Whats New)

The forum and blogs are working fine.

Off on Holiday on Friday 12th till 22nd, so I wil be back on this when I return. If I try to get around the bug we may end up with less that what we have now before I go away.

There was a few hours outage last night from this.
Have found something odd in the system which may be why these upgrades are not smooth.
The Forum systems is 4.0.2,
The CMS system is 4.0.0 beta.
So with the CMS system not having the version number updated its trying to apply updates which have already been applied.

I wonder is I can detatch the CMS system and install it serperatly. I'll look into that.
Is this why we no longer have the members list and new topics at the bottom of the forum now? I found that very handy.
That will be coming back. The version of these add ons isn't compatable with the new update of the forum. I'm sure they could have made all this far simpler. I'll be giving that a go now.
Still works though....Good work Dan.
I think the upgrade has speeded things up too. :punk:
There must have been some ineficient code in the earlier build.