Trying out my new car Camera


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Whilst trying out my new car camera. This car pulls out infront of me on a roundabout and wasn't accelerating very well.

very good picture quality sound good here the v8 :becky:. very steady picture shame about the slow driver
what a numnuts what cam did you get
What type of car camera is it?
Oo i like that. Be good for the cruises as you get to see more then when they are mounted under the bumper.
Loads of numptys on that roundabout. They always stick to 40 in the 70 zone too (where that red, slow car was going).

Great image though, can't get sound on this PC. What camera is it Dan?
Its the roadhawk Dc-1

Records everything when driving, on something like an 8 hour loop.ifyou want to mark a point in time you can press the event button. It records onto an SD card that you can pop into your laptop.
You can have it automatically record when it detects an impact, however every stone in the road with my stiff suspention set it off, its easy enough to disable though.
Whilst trying out my new car camera. This car pulls out infront of me on a roundabout and wasn't accelerating very well.


That camera looks impressive Dan. Pretty good resolution.

Yeah, what a driver eh! That was probably some old fart in their own little world who didn't even know you were there!

Sadly, what you caught on camera there is fairly typical nowdays. Whenever those road and driving programmes are on the TV, like Police Camera action, or Cops With Cameras etc, they always seem to focus on the heavy stuff, like joyriding car chases and other incidents, but seldom highlight some of the minor but annoying driving errors, like people who sit in the middle lane of the motorway for example, or leave their fog lights on in all weathers, pet hate..people who dont indicate properly (or at all) on roundabouts. I think if they made an example of such driving on TV, it might help to reduce it.
I have made contact with RoadHawk, the manufactures of the camera, asking if they had any advertising campaigns we could be included in. At present they havn't but they can give us 10% discount on any of their products. Bonus, I know some of us were interest in getting one. The one I have is DC-1.

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nice soon as i have the cash im geting one
Are you gonna get one then Darren? 10% off, making is ?180.

I was driving with the club many years ago, on the A3 going north between Horndean and clanfield. We were all over taking a tractor. I was next to the tractor, with this huge humming wheel beside my door. There was an elderly lady driving a car down the central reservation, half on the road coming towards us. She must have got on at the clanfield exit. She must have been pretty scared once she realised what she had done. Could have turned out nasty. She was probably wondering why cars were on her side of the road, thinking it was a two way road not a dual carriageway.
ok just fb them at roadhawk as code ran out just got this back
Hi Shaun,
Thanks for getting back to me. I've just updated the code and it should all be working fine. The code is live until the end of 2015. Any problem please let me know asap.
Best regards, Gary

same code

just orded the
RoadHawk HD Front/Rear Kit
Drive camera 32gb SDHC card
3x RoadHawk Camera Fitted window Stickers
Thanks Shaun, thats good the code has been updated. hope you get your cameras soon, they are great. you forget they are there, then something happens on the road and you think to yourself I'll watch that again when i get home. :)